A Little More About Us

Here at Summit Active Care we make it our mission to provide the best information possible for your optimal health and wellness. It is our goal to outline manageable steps for your road to recovery in becoming pain free and getting back to what you love to do. With your goals in mind, Summit active care uses movement-based treatment approaches combined with chiropractic techniques to create a personalized treatment plan based on your individual needs.

An informed patient is our key to success. We strive to empower the patient with knowledge of their injury to give them an edge in recovery. Our aim is to give people the tools of recovery for those suffering from chronic injuries or that pain that just wont go away. Our goal is to encourage a sense of personal strength and give you the tools to master pain in the road becoming a stronger version of you. Through movement re-education, proper patterning, and functional strength our clients can work to achieve their goals. No matter what walk of life, people should be able to become strong and not let their pain limit what this world has to offer.

We aim to provide the best strength coaching, nutritional counselling, and pain management. These services are provided in an understanding and motivational way to help you reach your goals and optimize your life.

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