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What is a Chiropractor?

What is Chiropractic? At face value, this seems like it could be an obvious question: What is chiropractic? or What does a chiropractor do? I have found, when I talk to my patients and the clients that I coach in the gym, each person has a slightly different definition or picture for what a Chiropractor … Continue reading What is a Chiropractor?


"Motivation" Last week we were talking about the true purpose of exercise and what it means to us. The next hurdle after we have selected our goal could be motivation to start taking steps in achieving that goal. Today we will look at exactly what motivation is and why it gets so much of the … Continue reading Motivation

Proprioception and Foot Intrinsics

Foot Intrinsics and Proprioception: How much contact do you have with the ground? I mean it! How much of you touches the ground at any given part of the day? You could possibly think about when you lay down then the answer is quite a bit, from your head to the heels of your feet … Continue reading Proprioception and Foot Intrinsics

Mobility vs. Stability

Every day it seems we hear phrases like: “this stretch is great for increasing mobility” or “this exercise is great for hip stability”. What does it all mean? What is mobility or stability anyway? What’s the difference and why do I care? All these questions and more can be understood by knowing a couple basics … Continue reading Mobility vs. Stability

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