John Odden-

“Nick is a highly skilled and intuitive clinician. As an athlete and coach myself, I have worked with many chiropractors in the past and I can confidently say that Nick is a rare breed that knows how to blend traditional chiropractic techniques
with manual therapy and corrective exercises exceptionally well. He is very good at explaining the details and plan of care. I have seen impressive results in my neck and shoulders that have boosted my performance and given me new range of motion that I thought was unattainable!”

Kelly Thiel-

“I’ve been seeing chiropractors off and on for years. Nick listened very closely to what I was saying about the pain I was having in my neck, which was translating to headaches every single day. He gave me the tools I needed to address those issues, and also gave me some stretching and mobility types of exercises. An amazing guy with a wealth of information that athletes of all types will appreciate!”

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