Meet the Doc!

Dr. Nicholas Heuer D.C, M.S.

I decided to become a Sport Medicine Physician to better understand the mechanisms behind why so many people experience lingering pain from injuries that occurred years ago. It is my goal to become a part of the solution; to help people get out of pain, and keep doing the things they love without the chronic symptoms.

It is a strong passion of mine to help people change how they move for the betterment of their body and become stronger even in the opposing odds of debilitating injury. I dedicate my time in continuing education and learning new tools and techniques to help people get better faster. Getting people back to what they love is my number one goal and it is my wish to see you succeed as well.

I currently utilize: a diversified style of chiropractic adjusting, Muscle work techniques (including Functional Range Release and Functional Range conditioning), Neurodynamics, Techniques designed to treat Disc Herniation, and most importantly rehabilitative movement based exercise.

Please feel free to ask me any questions related to achieving your goals.

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